Personal training



Training with a personal trainer is like no training you've ever done on your own. You get a training partner whose only task is to motivate you and get the results you want.

Regardless of whether you want to tone up your muscles, become a star on the dance floor, improve your golf swing or better you time in the next marathon, our personal trainers can help you. You can also get help with rehabilitation from injuries or preventing problems.

Personal training



WE KNOW everything is to know about training, especialy training that you need

If you are a runner, imagine having a running coach who is also a Naprapath when you get runner's knee. Imagine someone who knows what kind of training program is good for pregnant women and is a nutrition expert when they want to get back in shape after the pregnancy.

With us you can always find a personal trainer with insight into your training problems. We have both male and female personal trainers with special knowledge within all areas relating to the body and health. In addition to extensive experience and solid education they stay updated on the latest findings in their areas.

Feel free to meet with other personal trainers. It is important that you get the right help for your training needs, but also equally important that you function toghether in a good way.

Personal training Personal training



Jiri Janda: "My Personal Trainer inspired me to not only lose the weight, but get my core body stronger than it ever was before"