Do you like challenges and good fun ?? !!!!

SLJEMENIZACIJA by World Class is then the right choice for you!
What is Sljemenizacija?

Organized cycling with the Sljemenski cener !!
Cener is cycling training on the Sljeme road (asphalt) in the length of 9,750 km. The name of the ride is the upper point at Vidikovac-Sljeme Belvedere and at the end of the lower descent point at Šestinski Lagvić. .
Sljeme cener is well-known for two-wheeled riders because it is often used by trainers of various bicycle clubs.

14.10. (Saturday)
Gathering at 9.40 on the starting point of the climb in Gračani, the street of Nad Tunelom 18.

Because we love challenges and want to try something new and interesting.
Because we like good fun and cheerful team.

Who can participate?
All of you !!
All of you who have the good will are welcome.
You don´t have to be a member of World Class.

You don´t have a bike ??
You have no worries!
You can rent it for only 100 kn.
Announce rental by Thursday, 12.10.2017.

Applications and additional information:
Valentina 091/5925 783
Eva 099/2012 554

We are World Class.
Are you ??